Reasons We Read Magazines

With so many online resources today and digital media flooding us with the information we need every minute of every hour of the day, sometimes you just can’t help to ask the question why are we even picking up printed magazines and newspapers? Why are bookstores and newspaper stands still selling different types of magazines in UAE and why haven’t the publishing or printing companies gone bankrupt yet?


There could be many reasons why people still buy printed magazines and books. Some would say that they just like the feel of the printed material on their hands, while some would say that it’s because they are actually collecting the magazines they buy. Why do we read a magazine? What is behind the appeal of purchasing, owning and perusing magazines?

There are, obviously, numerous responses to this inquiry. In any case, on the off chance that we are genuinely legitimate with ourselves, we may have the capacity to turn the tide of our organizations or, at any rate, begin a procedure of self-examination that leads in the long run to mental and monetary recuperations.

Some school teachers will let you know that it is the type of the item — as opposed to its substance—that keeps up its hang on the general population. I assume that may be valid for some magazine perusers. Printed items do have a notable experiential hang on a portion of the perusing open. Yet, is that truly it? Is it truly the paper substrate and physical structure that is the way to our progressing and future achievement?

Thus I am back to the inquiry I asked: Why do individuals really read magazines? The answer: to learn and to appreciate. That is the inspiration driving most, if not all, perusing undertakings. We read to encourage our insight and to appreciate the experience. At times, the learning is constrained upon us by a vocation or by a school, or some of the time it’s the ideal requirement for that intrinsic delight of finding something new. Different times, we read exclusively for delight—the unadulterated delight of meandering through a decent author’s cerebrum. The colossal punctuation street of revelation, where page by page you can uncover damn close anything that people have finished, concluded, revealed or concocted.

Reading and looking at some interesting images and photos are really among the best markers of precisely who humankind is. We can’t help ourselves. As a race of creatures, we have a key need to know things. We are headed to investigate and endeavor to comprehend, whether it is the profound whys, or the experimental hows. It has dependably been that way. It will dependably be that way.

These are just some of the reasons why people still read magazines and will not really exchange that habit for the internet. With so many magazines, there are also a vast number of choices you can have if you decide to read or subscribe to a particular magazine related to your hobbies, interests, or business.